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Nại Hiên Đông,Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng

About us


GARDENSOFT (GARDENSOFT CO, .LTD) is a company that develops and develops the application of software systems and websites that put information technology into business production management to improve operational efficiency. , management for enterprises, business organizations – social.
GARDENSOFT was established in early 2017 by experienced members, experienced by many domestic and foreign projects. With our dynamic and creative young staff, we take the pleasure of customer satisfaction and motivation.


  • Developing and consulting software applications, helping businesses to work faster, better management to increase labor productivity and increase production efficiency.
  • Develop the career, promote the capacity of each individual, and create a happy life.


  • Learn, hard work, creativity.
  • Commitment to bring satisfaction to customers.
  • We build transparency in thinking, in management and contribute the highest value to the business.


  • Build up a wide network of domestic and foreign customers.
  • Becoming the number 1 software provider in the Vietnamese market.
  • To attach importance to the research and development of the best products serving customers. Desire to become a partner of technology companies No. 1.
  • Continuously develop integrated system expansion solutions.
    In addition, Gardensoft is constantly setting a goal to promote and enhance the lives of its members.